What’s it all about?

The Rhine-Main area is one of the most attractive business locations in Germany. The region stretches from Gießen to Darmstadt and from Mainz to Aschaffenburg. In addition to universities and research institutions, many leading companies in various industries can be found there, beginning with financial services and extending to consultancy, logistics and transport, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical, aerospace, information and communication technologies, as well as vibrant cultural and creative industries. The region is characterized by its central location in Germany and Europe, and combined with the Frankfurt International Airport, it serves as a central hub for Europe and the world. The region distinguishes itself through its excellent innovation and trust climate, great competitive dynamics, and ideal infrastructural conditions created by international accessibility, transportation infrastructure, digital infrastructure, quality of education and training, access to capital markets, and quality of life.

The “Innovation Rhine-Main” Map enables that, for the first time, the region’s innovation potential of young startups is also comprehensively illustrated. “Innovation Rhein Main” aims to fulfill the following objectives:



Awareness of Frankfurt and Rhine-Main as a top location for investments, innovations, and startups.


Visibility for startups and the tech scene both within and outside the Rhine-Main region.


Access to the Rhine-Main financial sector and international investors.


Networking between startups, successful entrepreneurs, and established companies.


Networking of universities, colleges, and research institutes with the startup scene in Rhine-Main.


Networking at events with special emphasis on founding, technology and innovation.


Who we’re searching for?

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have already successfully made the journey from startup to established business, and who can reach back upon those priceless experiences to help build new tech companies and attract investors’ money.

We are looking for tech startups with innovative and scalable business models, medium-sized companies, as well as market leaders and corporations that can invest in future technologies and help shape digital transformation.

We are looking for investors who have already successfully invested in startups in the past, and now wish to support new startups with their capital and know-how.

We are looking for “startup hotbeds”, such as incubators and accelerator programs connected to universities, corporations, or private organizations, that support and network startups in the early stages.


Your Benefits

  • Cross-linkage among entrepreneurs, key players, and companies in creating added value for future industries in the region.
  • Discovery of partners, talent, and investment for the business models of tomorrow.
  • Inspiration and innovation potential for new products, services, and market developments.
  • Access to startup ecosystems, startups, entrepreneurs, researchers, and think tanks.
  • Contribution to location marketing and commitment to the region.

Innovation Rhein Main offers you a platform for business development, talent, and investment opportunities into startups.

Our Vision

We aim to provide the best mapping experience of our region’s innovation activities, building on the experiences and best practices from Israel.



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Who we are?

We are a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars who teamed up in 2014 to support the startup ecosystem in Frankfurt/Rhine-Main. As a private, non-commercial initiative, we seek to contribute to the vibrant and interconnected Rhine-Main metropolitan region, together with strong partners in the media, tech industry, political realm, and academics.

Dr. Thomas Funke

Dr. Thomas Funke

Ingo Franz

Ingo Franz

Gerald Heydenreich

Gerald Heydenreich

Simon Nörtersheuser

Simon Nörtersheuser

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

If you are a person or organization that wishes to help shape the initiative “Innovation Rhine-Main” with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.